Tubeacca — Your YouTube Co-Pilot

  • If you want to see whether one of your music streaming subscriptions or iTunes downloads entitle you to access a high-quality YouTube video, click the Tubeacca link in the description of a reduced-quality YouTube video.

  • I have a video access code
  • If you've gained access to some high-quality videos via Tubeacca:
    • A Tubeacca extension is available for the Chrome, Firefox (version 53 or above), and Edge (version 14.14393 or above) browsers that automatically replaces reduced-quality video links with links to the high-quality versions to which you've gained access. This makes it easy to find HQ versions through usual YouTube searches.

    • Restore your Tubeacca playlists of high-quality videos that you may have deleted.

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  • Read Tubeacca's terms of use
  • Contact Tubeacca
    (If your enquiry relates to your Tubeacca account, please sign in.)

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