Tubeacca's Privacy Policy

What we collect

Tubeacca only collects, stores, and/or itself uses the personal information that we require to provide you with the services that you have requested us perform:
  1. The title of your YouTube channel,
  2. If you have requested to be informed when new verification methods become available, the email address of the Google account you select,
  3. The Apple ID used to purchase iTunes files presented for verification,
  4. The unique ID associated with a music subscription service you request for verification,
  5. Credit card and billing address information when you need to pay for a Tubeacca service (stored encrypted, and deleted on request),
  6. Postal addresses plus contact details that we require to deliver your orders of printed codes, deleted on request,
  7. Titles of videos in your YouTube channel will be displayed if you have requested that Tubeacca search your channel for a video to convert, and
  8. Videos that you have requested that Tubeacca fetch for purposes of conversion will be stored on Tubeacca's servers for some period.

What we share

Tubeacca does not provide any personal information or personal information access codes to third parties, with the following exceptions:
  1. We transmit your credit card details and billing address to our payment provider over secure links,
  2. Tubeacca will provide your supplied postal address details to the parties we use to deliver code media that we have printed,
  3. Tubeacca will obey a final order of a court that has jurisdiction in the Australian state of New South Wales, and
  4. In its defence, Tubeacca reserves the right to share information it holds.